In anticipation of the Hustle & Scout Twilight Fashion Market I was lucky enough to spend the day with The Darling Sisters.  Stepping into their boutique I immediately got a sense of the exquisite glamour from the past eras. 

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As a successful dress maker back in the day my Nan has always shared her amazing fashion stories with me with her winning many a fashions of the fields and dressing celebrities between the 60’s and 70’s from The Seekers to making Patty Newton’s wedding dress.  She has always spoken of 60’s fashion as being glamorous, flattering to all forms and the time when people began to take risks.  I really wish that she could have been there with me today as a feeling of nostalgia came over me upon entering their boutique.  In today’s collaboration we focused on an Autumn look incorporating garments with accents of red along with my Autumn makeup look using Benefit Cosmetics.

Thank you to the team at the Darling Sisters boutique for not only giving me the chance to collaborate with you but to give me a glimpse into the amazing fashion from many era’s ago.

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So what is  the story behind The Darling Sisters and their beautiful boutique?  Leanne tells us more below:

The Darling Sisters’ collection is living glamour. History brought to life. Wearable heritage.

We regard our boutique as a sort of gallery housing a curated collection of exquisite vintage-style fashion that is there to be worn, loved and interpreted by modern women. Historic style experiencing a new lease of life. Combining modern fabrics, techniques and lifestyles to reinvent the classics of the past.


Image: Emmy Designs

 To the Darling Sisters, vintage glamour is accessible, ethical and wearable. We are dedicated to stocking the widest available range of sizes and shapes because people are gloriously diverse, and this diversity should be celebrated.

 Our innovation comes from our knowledge of and passion for fashion history. The Darling Sisters are both heritage professionals who have worked closely with original pieces in museum collections. In Darling Central we have carefully curated a collection of modern garments based on the first half of the twentieth century, and are wearable and practical for modern women with modern lifestyles.

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At Darling Central boutique, modern women can find quality garments in styles that have withstood the test of time, manufactured ethically and suitable for modern lifestyles. We source all of our garments from small, ethical businesses in Australia and overseas. The Darling Sisters introduced many popular retro labels into Australia and encouraged Australian women to embrace a vintage style.

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At Darling Central boutique you will discover a designed collection that brings the past to life and gives it new vitality, gathered together by passionate professionals who appreciate that fashion is part of our cultural heritage – past and future – as well as an everyday part of an imaginative life.

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I am sure you will agree their garments are stunning, elegant and unique.  I love that their garments cater for all sizes and shapes allowing customers to show us their personality through their style choices.

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The Darling Sisters will also be stall holders at the upcoming Hustle & Scout Twilight Market which is on April 12th between 3.00pm-8.00pm in New Acton, ACT.  For more information head to