I went to Blaq Hair & Beauty in Forde tonight for the first time.

What do you look for in your first salon experience?

Here is my checklist:

-do they offer you a drink? magazine?
-do they ask you about how you normally wear your hair, if you blow dry, or straighten your hair?
-do they ask how long you like to spend doing your hair when considering your haircut?
-do they ask you where you part your hair?
-if you get foils or a colour do they tend to you as soon as the buzzer goes?
-are the basins comfortable?
-do they give you a head massage?
-are the floor and basin areas clean?
-overall were the staff friendly?

I found at Blaq in Forde that they were very friendly and provided great service, checking on your hair as your colour processed.   The basins were super comfy and I am currently sitting at home without a stiff neck as can happen after visiting some salons.  They ticked all the boxes for me!

I am very happy with my colour and overall experience, can’t wait to head back there for my next visit which is a spray tan!