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D E S I G N E R   S P O T L I G H T:  P e l i c a n  S l e e p w e a r 

The beautiful imagery of the Pelican Sleepwear range caught my eye immediately when perusing online one night.  I love the idea of sleepwear that gives the buyer a feeling of comfort whilst being fashionable.


Read all about the label in my interview with Liana here:

1. Where did the inspiration come from to create Pelican Sleepwear and for those that are not familiar with the line can you describe what type of girl Pelican personifies?

Pelican appeals to the girls out there who want to actually have some say in what they look like when they go to bed. It’s for the girls who are always caught off guard by the postman coming really early in the morning to deliver their online shopping orders. It’s for the girls who aren’t quite ready to hit the shower and want to sit on the couch in their pjs. It’s for the girls whose outfit has a direct impact on their mood.

This girl is me. I was ready to see a change in the sleepwear market so I went for it.


2. Is there a story behind the name?

My boyfriend actually came up for it as a name for his business idea. The more I repeated the name, the more I liked it. Plus it had great potential to become more of a symbol rather than just a name. So I stole it from him lol.

3. Can you describe your personal style for us?

I’m finding as I get older, I think of my wardrobe as more of an investment rather than an endless supply of clothes. I like to buy great quality pieces that fit perfectly rather than just buying something cheap for the sake of wearing something new, so often my style is minimalistic with items that I feel really comfortable in.


4. I love the incorporation of stripes in your garments; do you follow trends or relate your garments more to your own style?

I don’t like to follow trends. I find that if you follow trends it gives your clothes an expiration date. I like to use colours and prints that I feel will be timeless and for me personally, stripes are always in fashion.


5. Can you describe the general process you go through to design and create a garment?

It’s pretty sporadic. Sometimes ideas can just pop into my head, other times I’ll be reading a magazine and have to race upstairs to grab my sketch book. Once I have an idea of what direction the range is heading in I like to go fabric shopping to really get the picture in my head (and to make sure that I can actually find the fabric I had in mind). From there it’s sampling and fitting. Often garments will be completely scrapped because it just wasn’t how you pictured it to be. It’s good to be brutal sometimes; I produce only 2 ranges per year so I need to be 100% happy with each piece.

6. Who are some of your favourite designers?

Elie Saab’s gowns are magical. I love looking through images of his fashion shows, he just gets it so right. I also love Proenza Schouler, those boys have a nice modern take on feminine pieces. More locally I like Toni Maticevski, he has been hitting the nail on the head lately.


7. If you had to leave the house with 5 essentials what would they be?

Phone, Wallet, Sunglasses, paw paw balm and a water bottle.

8. What can we expect to see coming up for Pelican Sleepwear?

Our next range will be coming out in the later stages of this year. I’m finding that we are getting an increase in international orders, so I’m pulling the focus away from Australian summer and winter into a broader collection that covers all bases. Plus Melbourne weather is pretty inconsistent anyway so having a combination of pieces will be handy. We will also be launching a blog this year.


9. Where can readers find out more about Pelican Sleepwear?

Well because we are still pretty new the website is generally the best place. But if people want to know more I’m more than happy to receive emails or Facebook messages. I always have time for anyone wanting to know more about us.


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Thank you to Liana for taking the time out of her busy schedule to spend some time with Style H2T. Pelican sleepwear began in Melbourne, we couldn’t be more proud of our homegrown talent! To keep up to date with the label simply click on the social media icons below: