Some days there is just nothing better than lazying about in your comfs surfing the net.

I am a self professed Instagram addict, often lying in bed browsing everyones snaps.

Whilst I myself love social networking and as a blogger I appreciate building relationships with people through these platforms I ask, has it gone a little too far?

I encourage you all to set aside one day or night that is technology free, spend it with your partner or loved ones, get outside, dance in the rain,  run through fields of grass, just engage 🙂

I am setting myself this challenge as I find some nights have flown by with my tablet on my lap or phone in hand. So whilst I couldnt live without my phone, ipad or tablet and realise its importance in todays world I also want to make sure I am taking time to enjoy the little things. I hooe you do too- xox H2T.